I don’t like to reveal too much about my family on the internet, but here’s the bare facts: I’m a married guy with, at the time of writing, a 16 month old daughter and number two due in about a week’s time.

Every time I look on Facebook, there’s someone else I know/knew who’s becoming a parent and often I don’t know anything about it until after the event. Congratulations to you all! You get a glimpse into the world of parenting reading these posts and it means a lot of the guys I know are Dads, but I’ve almost never had a conversation about it. I’d really like to know how other guys find being someone’s old man and share some experiences.

To kick it off, here’s the best piece of advice we were given before number one came along: when it’s 2 in the morning and your little bundle of joy starts screaming, give them as little stimulation as possible. Don’t turn on the light if you don’t need to, certainly don’t go anywhere near the radio or TV, even if it’s an extended session, and don’t even talk to them. That will teach them that it’s night-time and nothing exciting is going to happen. It feels pretty cruel, but it seemed to work pretty well for us and our bundle of joy was sleeping 8 hours at a couple of months and 12 hours after 3 months. All in all, a great tip and great for our sleep pattern and sanity.